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Paths of Grace


I once strolled down paths of grace
where even time had slowed its pace
breezes flowed with reverent care
peace trod softly upon the air

Contented leaves let out a sigh
from gnarled giants that towered high
yet lay mirrored in silent pools
where fishes swam in languid schools

To sturdy trunks great creepers clung
on mossy boughs thick vines were strung
and ‘tween grassy blades bloomed
wildflowers spun on nature’s loom

The sun too had muted its might
and spread its rays as filtered light
through branches that joyfully swayed
showering trails with dappled shade

Ponds shimmered with bright golden gleams
ballrooms of happy, waltzing beams
while arias sung by wren and thrush
echoed from verdant hedge and brush

the evening choir’s honeyed tones
could melt the heart of hardest stone
while the setting sun’s mellow kiss
filled mind and soul with warmth and bliss

Now late into this still dark night
once more I yearn for that treasured sight.


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